Hi there, I have some good news! Today I updated Fiber-Boilerplate to be fully compatible with Fiber's latest version (v2.1.1)!

There are some changes to the boilerplate that are quite different from the v1 version. The new release brings all configurations to a .env file. This file simulates environment variables on your system and was designed with the ease-of-use of Docker in mind.

To come straight to the point, here is an example of some useful environment variables that can be configured also using Docker:

docker run -it --rm --name fiber-boilerplate -e APP_PORT=":3000" -e DB_HOST=host.docker.internal -e DB_USER=fiber -e DB_PASSWORD=secret -e DB_DATABASE=boilerplate -p 3000:3000 fiber-boilerplate

This sets some variables such as the application's listen address (by default, this is ":8080" and database details.

It is recommended to duplicate the .env.example file to the .env file to get a quick-start. Full configurations and default values can be found in the .env.full file.

Also, I moved over some required methods for authentication from the AuthProvider and HashingProvider to the AuthController, thus removing the need for providers but rather passing through pointers to different application's features.

Also, I would love to point out, despite my busy schedule, that Fiber's community, it's contributors and maintainers are doing a great job keeping the framework one of the best in the market right now! 💖

Post image by silvervoyager