Hello there, and welcome to my blog! In this personal blog, I share my adventures as I travel through a digital world full of discoveries.

I am Thomas van Vugt, an enthusiast when it comes to the worldwide web, networks, applications, and cybersecurity. My hobbies are, therefore, programming, gaming, and making music by playing guitar. I am very interested in modern programming languages such as Go and Python, and recently I have been working on an open-source project called Fiber.

Before my role as a maintainer at Fiber, I gained a lot of experience with programming languages such as Python, PHP, C ++ and Java through my Computer Sciences study at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition to my studies, I was involved in numerous side-activities (both technical and non-technical), and I was able to start up Diskbit, my own company. With Diskbit, I mainly developed web applications based on Laravel, a popular PHP web framework. Building applications in Laravel has given me a clear overview of the structure of modern MVC design-based applications.

During my minor and both my internships in cybersecurity, I learned how to improve the digital world as an ethical hacker. My interest in the cybersecurity field is mainly in conducting penetration tests, finding vulnerabilities, and rolling out mitigations or fixes for these findings. Due to my interest in both the internet and cybersecurity, it is no coincidence that I enjoy designing, building, and securing web applications in my spare time.

In this blog, I would like to take you into software and hardware related projects that I develop. I hope you enjoy your trip!